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Business lessons from podcasting | Everything I've changed my mind on about the military

November 2022

1 Year Anniversary $1000 GiveawayWatch now (1 min) | A giveaway, 10,000 clips, and a billion dollars raised
Hey there and happy Veterans Day to you whether you’ve served or not. Today is just one of 365 opportunities we have to highlight and thank those who…

October 2022

I never know how to start these - I really need to come up with a name that refers to the people who may be on this email list and or podcast listeners…

August 2022

There is a university that offers FREE tuition to any military connected service member. Free. Last week, I was privileged to host Barrett Bogue on the…

July 2022

A conversation with Josh Steinman on things that bring us closer to reality.
A case study on choosing your life experience before your job.
A lightbulb moment story and the hunt for resources.

June 2022

The exoneration of the WWII ship captain you've never heard of.

March 2022

Podcast Episode 9 - Keith Dow and Tyler Carroll High Impact Segment 12:05 - 20:37 The entire landscape of social interaction has changed in the last 100…

February 2022

Want to first take a minute to say a prayer for our troops and allies on the ground in Ukraine. The Russian threat is very real and despite already…