A Few Checkout Items

Good morning, happy Monday!

This week and next are going to be pretty light issues. I’m on vacation and going to be traveling over the next two weeks and so my focus will be purely on those. I would rather keep it short and sweet and focus on delivering something of high quality rather than flood the inbox with fluff.

My next full issue coming out will take a different approach - I’m currently writing up a company profile of a business I’m interested in and happens to be my top holding in my investment account. I’m excited to bring a complete history of the field, industry overview, and an in-depth dive into the company’s business and future.

If you’re looking for some great content this morning, here are two recommendations for writers I’ve been following recently.

Greg Isenberg, the writer of Late Checkout, is writing about startups and the future of the internet. You can check out his pieces here:

Another outstanding writer, Packy McCormick, writes a weekly issue called Not Boring. Not Boring covers everything from internet culture to recently a crazy story about Martha Stewart. He has an interesting take on life and business and I enjoy his work a lot. You can check that out here:

I hope you all have a good week. Don’t forget to unplug and live in the moment.

Talk next week,