1 Year Anniversary $1000 Giveaway

A giveaway, 10,000 clips, and a billion dollars raised

Hello and good morning!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I know I sufficiently consumed enough turkey to not eat turkey for another year. We’re slowly devolving into that time of year where you start to lose track of what day it is (and how many pieces of holiday fudge you actually had). Truly the most wonderful time of the year.

1 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Over the last month, the upcoming 1 year anniversary of the podcast (Dec 1) has been sitting in the back of my mind. Traditionally I’m not the type of person to celebrate milestones because I’m nervous it could become an excuse to take my foot off the gas, especially with a creative endeavor like this one. I’m working on that, but to assist with this instance, I’m looking to shine the light back on to the guests of the show over the last year who this has always been about anyway.

To celebrate the milestone and the fantastic guests, I’m extremely happy to announce a giveaway where 2 winners will receive a gift box valued at over $1000!

Each gift box will include:

  • Over 10 books

  • 4 bags of specialty coffee

  • T-shirt, stickers, and swag

  • Business and executive coaching

  • A 1 year subscription to 7investing stock market research

  • Ticket to the 2023 Military Influencer Conference

and more!

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Not only is this a ton of stuff, but each item was written, produced, or is some by product of the specific guests I’ve had on the show! Such a great opportunity to shine the spotlight on their businesses and fantastic work.

How to Enter

Entry into the giveaway is free! The only thing needed to enter is to leave a rating for the podcast. In order for this show to stick around for another year, more people need to listen to it and this is a great opportunity for you to help make that happen and get lined up to earn a sweet gift box.

Links to the show -

Apple Podcasts

Once you leave a rating, screenshot the rating and then visit this form:

Scuttlebutt Podcast Giveaway

There are 3 fields in the form, name, email, and photo upload. It’s not laborious - you can do the whole thing in under a minute. And this is open to ANYONE, not just current or former service members so no excuses not to enter! Any trouble with upload and email me your rating screenshot to scuttlebuttpod1@gmail.com.

Here’s the full breakdown of items in the giveaway

If you really want to go above and beyond to support this giveaway, sharing this would go a long way!


This Week and Beyond

Don’t think that just because of the giveaway I’m slacking on an episode. Far from it.

Today’s episode is my conversation with Jesse Gould. Jesse is the CEO of the nonprofit Heroic Hearts, an organization bringing the fight to PTSD through psychedelics. Jesse tells his story of struggling with alcohol and PTSD post service and describes how a trip to Peru experiencing ayahuasca changed his life. He’s now bringing that to other vets through coached and guided experiences to fight trauma. They also are leading the way in funding scientific research for psychedelics as a viable alternative of treatment.

His story his incredibly empowering and experience resembles that of another guest we had on the show, Josh Duntz, who spoke the same way about his time.


I’ve got some really interesting business focused episodes in the chute for the next few weeks. I spoke with a guy doing over a million dollars a year in cigar sales, another who 3D printed a military uniform modification that’s sold over 10,000 units, and today am recording with a gentleman who over the course of 37 companies raised over a billion dollars in funding.

Next week I’m releasing a bonus episode at a different date and time recapping a year podcasting and the things I’ve changed my mind on about the military and the veteran space. This will be to test if you guys can handle listening to me more than once a week as I’m looking to double down on more content in 2023.

I want to give a big thank you to all the brands that helped support the giveaway and make this possible. You guys are awesome and I appreciate you coming along this ride with me.

7Investing, We are the Mighty, Project Buna, Dead Reckoning Collective, Iron Mule Coffee, Evocati, Veterans for Political Innovation, and Bunker Labs.

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